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  • Zhejiang Tong Kun Group Co., Ltd
  • Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Shaoxing World Innovation
  • Shaoxing, Zhejiang Yifeng Chemical Fiber Co.
  • Shaoxing Fiber Testing
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hongshan
  • Hangzhou Tianyuan Polyester Ltd
  • Hangzhou Yongchang Nylon Co., Ltd.
  • Fiber Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Huacheng polymerization
  • Hangzhou Cheung Shing Textile Co., Ltd.
  • Hangzhou long wing Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Xinfengming in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Chen
  • Zhejiang Chemical Fiber Co. Xinfengming surplus
  • Textile Chemicals Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Rongsheng
  • Zhejiang Lianda Ltd
  • Zhe Jiang Jinsheng Textile Co.
  • Ningbo Huaxing Tire Co.
  • Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo, Zhejiang Jinsheng
  • Ningbo, Zhejiang Huaxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang ancient defibrillators, New Materials Co., Ltd
  • Fiber Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yaxing
  • Zhejiang Yiwu Huading Nylon Co.
  • Polymer Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hengyi
  • Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
  • Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hengyi
  • Zhe Jiang Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.
  • Zhe Jiang Yinan Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Leixin
  • Zhejiang South Holdings (Zhejiang Shichuang Petrochemical Co.)
  • New Materials Co., Ltd Zhejiang Huaxin
  • Zhejiang Tiansheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang US Sibang Ltd
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Double Rabbit
  • Zhejiang Dragon Technology Ltd
  • Zhejiang Far Polyester Ltd
  • Zhejiang Boniface Nylon Co.
  • Special Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinhui
  • Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sanfangxiang
  • Jiangyin Fiber Testing
  • Jiangsu Wujiang Chemical Fiber Corporation
  • Jiangsu Tak Chemical Fiber companies have
  • Jiangsu Changshu Fiber Testing
  • New Wu Textile Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wujiang
  • Suzhou Fiber Testing
  • Suzhou as Sheng Chemical Fiber Co.
  • Jiangsu Province Fiber Testing
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Shen long
  • Jiangsu Shenghong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd
  • Jiangsu Science and Technology Development Co., perch
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wujiang Yingxiang
  • Jiangsu and Jiangsu Shengze Xinmin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Feng Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wujiang fine
  • Zhangjiagang Showtime Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd
  • Zhenhui Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Taicang (China, Hong Tong Group)
  • Changzhou Fiber Testing
  • Jiangsu Nantong Teijin Ltd
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Minghui
  • Tech Fiber Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Guo Wang
  • Jiangsu Changle Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Branch
  • Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Fergus
  • Yingkou, Liaoning Chemical Fiber Factory
  • Liaoning Long Bay habitat Chemical Fiber Co.
  • Heilongjiang Longdi Group
  • Jinjiang City of Fujian Jinxing Chemical Fiber Textile Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian 100 Acer Group Chemical Fiber Company
  • Fujian 100 Kay Textile Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian source of Nylon Co., Ltd.
  • Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Fujian Jia billion
  • Fujian Changle Li Heng Nylon Technology Co.
  • Fujian Changle Jinlun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Changle Shen Heng Chemical Fibre Co.
  • Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd
  • Xiamen Hongxin Special Fiber Co.
  • Fujian source Granville Technology Co., cotton
  • Fujian Petrochemical Fiber Industry Co., Ltd. Kim Wong
  • Creator Nylon Industrial Co., Ltd., Fujian
  • Fujian Xin Donghua Textile Co.
  • High-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd., Fujian Jincheng
  • Fujian Heng Jie Industrial Co.
  • High Fiber Co., Ltd., Fujian positive Qi
  • Fujian Kaibang Nylon Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Dehua poly fiber Ltd.
  • Fujian Jing Feng Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. Fujian Xin
  • Nylon Technology Co., Ltd. Fujian Wei Yi
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YG023B-Ⅲ-automatic yarn str… YG367-automatic filament the… YG368-automatic filament cur…
YG368-automatic filament cri… YG368-automatic crimp rate t… YG086 type thread yarn measu…
JA1003-series analysis of el… FA1004 series analysis of el… YG981A-Ⅲ fast fiber grease …
Technical parameters Cac-1200L (YG60) type standa… SF-1 type differential moist…
BY-28-type high-precision di… HH-4 type temperature water … 85-2 Magnetic Stirrer
YG252A-1 type melting point … 2WAJ type Abbe refractometer… 501 super-heated water bath
XSP-8CA type trinocular biol… Y172 fiber slicer (Hastelloy… PS-100 computer-based examin…
ZRQF-F30J type anemometer Type DSS-2 stroboscope AR330 + Infrared Thermometer…
DM6902 digital thermometer DTM200 type digital tension … YG026C electronic strength t…
YG020B electronic yarn stren… Y321B type hand twist machin… YG001B single-fiber strength…
YG321 fiber resistivity mete… YG362B frizzled elastic inst… Y802N type eight baskets ove…
Y171A, B, C-type fiber cutte… JN-B Precision torsion balan… YG747 type Ventilated fast e…
Y101A Series electric blast … ZB01A, B-type disc sampler ZO-50 type sample cutting ma…
YG701A, D-automatic fabric s… YG611B type sun Climate colo… YG605 type ironing sublimati…
YG541B elastic fabrics creas… YG511B type fabric density m… YG502A type of fabric pillin…
YG461E-Ⅱ type digital meter… YG401C type Martindale abras… YG141D type digital fabric t…
YG033A fabrics tear tester YG032A type bursting strengt… YG026C electronic fabric str…
Y902 type perspiration fastn… Y571B type crockmeter YG511B type fabric density m…
SW-12A, 24A-type washing fas… YG631 type color fastness to… 2WAJ type Abbe refractometer…
YG026C electronic fabric str… YG141D type digital fabric t… YG020B electronic yarn stren…
XY-2000 electronic balance Type Y101A-1 electric oven 400 melt flow rate meter
YG142-2 Portable Thickness G… ZB01A, B-type disc sampler YG001B single-fiber strength…
YG011 type fiber strength te… Y111A fiber length analyzer Y171A, B, C-type fiber cutte…
Y175 cotton fiber type airfl… YG041 cotton-type impurity a… YG321 fiber resistivity mete…
Y412B type cotton moisture a… Y201A type lap evenness test… YG086 type thread yarn measu…
Y301B slug coarse measuring … YG020B electronic yarn stren… YG023B-Ⅲ-automatic yarn str…
YG155A type yarn twist teste… Y331A type yarn twist tester… Y321B type hand twist machin…
YG381A, M-type machine shake… Y802N type eight baskets ove… YG747 type Ventilated fast e…
XY - 2000 type electronic ba… YG201B type moisture meter d… The article Y311 type coarse…
YG302 yarn tension meter Digital tensiometer DTM200 t… DLS type electronic universa…
AU502 type roller cleaner YG522 type fabric abrasion r… YG522 type fabric abrasion r…
Y162A bundle fiber strength … YG015 type flax fibre powerf…